SoundWave SW50 review

This week we received the SoundWave Bluetooth mini speaker to review. The SW50 not only plays music from your phone, tablet or any Bluetooth equipped device but, it has a built in microphone so you can make and receive calls as well. As well as being a great wireless speaker, it also doubles as a great Bluetooth car kit, at a fraction of the price of most Bluetooth car kits.


The SoundWave SW50 is a stylish and compact speaker, available in black or white. There are three sides to the speaker, one houses the on/off switch, another side the mini USB charging port and the final side is home to the built in microphone which also has a call button to answer/reject calls. The button is also used to sync devices. The side with the microphone also has a small LED that flashes blue or red.


There are better wireless speakers that you can get, such as the Jawbone Jambox, which will offer superior sound. However, the SoundWave SW50 offers a better sound than most phone’s, laptop’s and tablet’s speakers. I have synced my Samsung S3 and iPad 3 to the Soundwave and was very impressed with the sound quality, especially for the price. There aren’t any volume controls on the speaker so volume is controlled by the device you’re using and I found that even with the volume midway, it delivered loud, crisp sounds.

In the box:

In the box with the speaker, you get a small instruction booklet, a mini USB cable to charge the speaker and a rubber mat to keep the speaker in place – which is great for in car use.


Small, compact and stylish
Good sound
On/off switch


No volume control on the speaker
Only 3 hours battery life


The battery on the SoundWave SW50 may not last an exceptionally long time but, for most three hours should be adequate. It’s small enough to pick up and take with you whether you’re just going into a different room, or to a friend’s house. Most importantly though, the sound quality provided by the SoundWave speaker is good and syncing your device is really easy. I’ve tried a few different speakers in this price range and this is by far my favourite and it has the added bonus of having a microphone built in, so if you do get any calls, the music stops playing and you can use the SW50 to take your calls.

Price: £19.99
Available from: MobileFun

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