Spotify announce Android Wear app

Owners of smart watches can already control music play back from their arm. The playback controls allow users to skip songs or to go back to the previous track as well as play/pause and change volume. Despite Spotify not being a compatible Android Wear app, play back can still be controlled via a smart watch anyway.


Spotify however, have announced that they will be beginning to roll out an app for your smart watch. The new features will allow you to browse music and play music directly from your watch. It will no longer be necessary to take your phone out of your pocket to change play lists or start the app up. Despite the small screen size of smart watches which isn’t the ideal way to discover new music, as an every day user of Spotify myself I will find the new app very useful as I have quite a few different play lists and regularly decide to change playlists during listening.

Spotify have said that “With Spotify on your wrist, you’ll be able to seamlessly browse and play music on the go – without ever having to pick up your phone. Navigate through Your Music and play the music you like, or Browse to discover something new.” The company has also stated that the Android Wear app roll out will begin some time this month so there shouldn’t be long to wait before you have more control over your music from your wrist.

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