App of the Day: Goalist Daily Planner and Goals

Like most people, I want to get the most productivity out of my time and have tried many “To Do” apps in the past and goal settings apps. Most of which I decide aren’t for me and don’t work for me. So I’ve gone back to the old fashion way of doing things, with pen and paper. Listing down essential tasks and what time I need to do them, how long they’ll take and plan around the things I need to do. After doing this for a couple of weeks I still wanted to try and ... Continue Reading →

Fake iPhone 5 launcher available on Android

If you’ve got an Android smartphone and fancy sprucing it up a bit, or are maybe a bit jealous of iPhone 5 owners you can get the iPhone 5 look on your Android smartphone right now. There are many launchers already available on the Google Play Store and many iPhone-esque launchers as well. This one by the Big Byte however, is touted as the most convincing looking one yet. Some say it’s enough to fool your friends into thinking you have iOS 6 installed on your Android phone. The Fake iPhone ... Continue Reading →

Twitter app updated, brings slight changes

Twitter have updated the official social networking Twitter app for use on Android powered smartphones and tablets. At first glance, the newly updated version of the Twitter Android app looks similar to the previous version of the Twitter app. However, there are two notable changes included in this latest update. First change of note with the new version of the app is that the “My Profile” page now includes background images within the user interface. Photos to create these background ... Continue Reading →

Version 2.0 eBay app released then pulled for Android

There have been a few recent updates to a few ‘major player’ Android apps of late and the eBay app has also become one of them. The eBay app has been available on the Android platform for a little while now and since its initial release the app has gone on to be available to download by users in countries other than the US. Now eBay have released version 2.0 of their popular app, albeit only briefly. There are no major changes in the 2.0 update but, the user interface has been redesigned ... Continue Reading →