Jailbreak for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 months away

Apple released the iPhone 5 in the same week that they began rolling out iOS 6 for other iOS devices. The iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6 pre-installed and for those hoping to jailbreak their shiny new phone soon will be in for a wait. Likewise, those who have upgraded their devices to iOS 6 or are itching to do so are also in for a long wait until it is jailbroken. During the JailbreakCon 2012, pod2g stated that there isn’t a working untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 yet, which in turn means there’s ... Continue Reading →

[Poll] Which color iPhone 5?

Now that the iPhone 5 is out, I thought we’d have a little poll on which color people prefer? Whether you’ve already ordered and received your brand spanking new Apple iPhone 5, or are currently waiting for it to arrive, which color did you go for? Or for those of us who are staying with our current phones, which color do you prefer? Apple have given us a choice of a white or black iPhone since the second generation iPhone, the iPhone 3 but, this is the first time the back plate has ... Continue Reading →

iPhone 5 officially announced

There were various leaks and rumors around the internet surrounding the iPhone 5. Apple have now officially announced their sixth generation iPhone handset. For the first time ever, the iPhone does not have a 3.5 inch display, instead Apple have upped the display to 4 inches but, it has the same PPI of 326 as the iPhone 4/4S. That means another Retina display folks. The resolution of the iPhone 5 is 1136 x 640. Despite being taller due to the new 4 inch display, the Apple iPhone 5 is 18 percent ... Continue Reading →

Apple send out invites for September 12th event

Apple have began sending out invites for their latest event. At the event, Apple are expected to announce the next generation iPhone, aka iPhone 5. The event invite says “It’s almost here” and has a shadowed ‘5’ underneath. There are rumors however, that Apple could do what they did with the third generation iPad. Instead of calling their next iPhone the iPhone 5 it could simply be known as the new iPhone. With the shadowed number 5 on the invites this seems increasingly ... Continue Reading →