LG G2 will be available from all four major US carriers, no Google edition

At the LG event yesterday in New York, LG announced their latest and greatest handset the LG G2. Specs wise it’s a fantastic phone and there’s already a lot of buzz for it so US readers will be pleased to know that the handset will be released on all four major US carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Unfortunately none of the carriers have a release date for the LG G2 as of yet, nor do they have any pricing information. All we know right now is that the handset will be released ... Continue Reading →

Sony list X10 with multi touch – correct typo after a week

The Xperia X10 finally arrived on US shores last Sunday with AT&T. You can purchase the handset direct from AT&T, where the handset will cost $149.99, plus a two year contract. Where as if you took the X10 from SonyStyle, the phone would still be on AT&T but, cost $20 less and come with an 8GB MicroSD card. However on the SonyStyle website, the handset was listed as featuring a 4 inch multi touch screen. The multi touch feature has been highly discussed, for it to be finally disclosed ... Continue Reading →