Zotac Unveil ZBOX Range of CULV Nettops

Zotac have released their ZBOX range or mini pc’s or nettops, which are powered by Intel CULV processors. They have introduced the HD range which includes the ND22 which uses an Intel SU 2300 CULV CPU and the NS21 which uses the Intel Celeron 733 CPU. They have also introduced the ITX N and ITX P series. The ITX N range of nettops runs with the Intel Celeron 733 processor and the ITX P range uses the Intel SU 2300 processor. The HD series also uses the NVIDIA ION graphics chip. More  details ... Continue Reading →

Asus Release Sleek Tonino Lamborghini Laptop

Tonino, the son of supercar magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini and more recently, the designer of a number of items including shoes and clothing, has now put his design name to a rather snazzy CULV laptop, in partnership with ASUS. The laptop itself is a 13.4 inch displayed model and packs not particularly special specs, it’s more about the Tonino Lamborghini design in this case (and on this case to be precise) and it does look nice, it really does and looks do count more than hardware, if you ... Continue Reading →

ASUS EP121 and EP101TC

Asus has announced two new CULV slate styled tablets. The Eee Pad series was unveiled at the Computex 2010. The 12 inch Eee Pad EP121 and 10 inch Eee Pad EP101TC will be launched at present. The EP121 features a 12 inch screen and is powered by Intel’s CULV Core2Duo processor. It comes preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium. The EP121 offers two modes of input- embedded virtual keyboard and a special docking station cum keyboard. The battery life is around 10 hours on full charge. The EP101TC features ... Continue Reading →

Intel unveal new CULV processors

Intel has announced their new line of ultra-low voltage processors. The i3, i5 and i7 processors are 32nm chips which offer 32 % better performance than their predecessors. The new chips are 32% thinner than the older series and reduce power consumption by 15 %. They come with all the latest technology which include Hyper threading and Turbo boost technology. The chips are targeted at 10-13″ thin-and-light notebooks from Acer, Asus, Gateway, Lenovo, and MSI. Intel’s Vice President Mooly ... Continue Reading →

Dell release ultra portable 11 inch netbook

Dell are the latest company to equip their netbooks with the CULV technology, giving Dell an ultra thin netbook, which like other CULV PCs adds netbook portability with laptop features into one ultra portable device. The company have released the CULV PC in Europe after a successful US launch. The Dell Inspiron 11z features an 11.6 inch display with Wi-Fi, 1.3 megapixel webcam and runs Windows Vista. The base model has a retail price of £349 and features 2GB of RAM and 160GB HDD. For £50 more ... Continue Reading →

MSI Wind U200 up for pre-order

MSI’s first CULV machine will begin shipping late this month/beginning of September. The U200 follows on from the popular MSI Wind U100 which has been rebadged for several companies, but the U200 takes the netbook to the next level with CULV technology. The U200 features the Intel 1.3GHz Pentium US2700 processor, a 320GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM. The CULV PC borders on netbook size with a 12 inch display. Also included in the U200 is a HDMI port, 1.3 megapixel web camera, 4 in 1 card reader ... Continue Reading →

CULV finds middle ground between netbook and notebook

The Eee PC 701 set the netbook craze alight. Affordable and very portable option for light web browsers and word processor users. The Eee PC came in with a 7 inch display, Linux and an 8GB SSD. The netbook became one of the most popular tech items of 2008. As time went on, the netbooks got bigger, featuring a 10 inch display and Windows operating system and larger storage options, in the form of 80GB, 120GB and 160GB hard drives. The once affordable netbook has doubled in price to $600 for higher ... Continue Reading →

What is CULV?

CULV stands for Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage. The platform is developed by Intel who provide processors to many netbooks and notebooks. As well as being ultra low voltage, CULV is ultra portable, bridging the gap between notebooks and netbooks. Ultra low voltage processors can be found in the MacBook Pro, giving it a thin design. Continue Reading →