Vodafone UK temporarily slash price of HTC One M8

It’s not unusual for companies to discount the price of some of their products over holiday periods and Halloween is no different. Vodafone have reduced the cost of several of their Pay As You Go phones. Of their up to 40% off Halloween offer, the most shocking offer comes in the form of the HTC One M8 handset. The Vodafone Halloween offer sees the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini reduced from £100 to £79 and the Nokia Lumia 530 reduced down to £49 from £70. The HTC One M8 however is ... Continue Reading →

HTC One Blue model leaked

HTC have already released the HTC One in glamour red, as well as black and silver but, a leaked press render of the HTC One handset in a striking blue has now leaked out. Currently it’s unknown when the blue HTC One will be released or which markets. However it has been spotted on Verizon’s internal systems, so the blue version will most likely be released in the US, other countries however we won’t know until HTC officially unveil it. There have been a few handsets in blue, including ... Continue Reading →

HTC Desire HD shows up on Amazon UK

We recently saw what appeared to be the HTC Desire HD, which has also been named the HTC Ace. While there’s been no official announcement from HTC about the device, it hasn’t stopped one online retailer from putting up a product page for the handset. The handset appears on Amazon.co.uk with no photo and no specifications. However Amazon appear to be the shippers of the handset rather than a third party. They list the release date as October 1st. They also have a retail price of £415. ... Continue Reading →

Is this the HTC Desire HD?

Over the past few days, there’s been many rumors about HTC releasing a HD version of the popular HTC Desire. A picture has now surfaced which is rumored to be the HTC Desire HD. Specs of the device are unknown at the moment but there are again, some rumors of what the device will feature. It sports an aluminum body, similar to that of the HTC Legend. The screen is rumored to be 4.3 inches with a resolution of 800×480 and comes with a 1GHz processor. Like the Desire, it should have Android ... Continue Reading →