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Intel Purchase McAfee Security for $7.68bn

In a deal worth a whopping $7.68bn (£5bn), leading  processor manufacturer Intel have agreed to purchase security software specialists McAfee. Intel intend using the McAfee side of their future business to create built-in security features, not only in the chips they create for PC’s and servers but, also for the micro processors it makes for items such as mobile (cell) phones and portable computers. Intel are said to have paid 60% more per share than each share was valued at market price ... Continue Reading →

CULV finds middle ground between netbook and notebook

The Eee PC 701 set the netbook craze alight. Affordable and very portable option for light web browsers and word processor users. The Eee PC came in with a 7 inch display, Linux and an 8GB SSD. The netbook became one of the most popular tech items of 2008. As time went on, the netbooks got bigger, featuring a 10 inch display and Windows operating system and larger storage options, in the form of 80GB, 120GB and 160GB hard drives. The once affordable netbook has doubled in price to $600 for higher ... Continue Reading →

What is CULV?

CULV stands for Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage. The platform is developed by Intel who provide processors to many netbooks and notebooks. As well as being ultra low voltage, CULV is ultra portable, bridging the gap between notebooks and netbooks. Ultra low voltage processors can be found in the MacBook Pro, giving it a thin design. Continue Reading →