Apple iPhone 12 mini production may be axed

When Apple released their iPhone 12 handsets, it came in four variants. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro shared the same size profile and both feature a 6.1″ display. Apple also released a Pro Max handset like previous years but, they also introduced the iPhone 12 Mini for those who want an iOS device but prefer a small form factor. In initial reviews and feedback the iPhone 12 Mini appeared to be a great hit. Unfortunately, that didn’t carry over to sales numbers. It has had a weaker than expected ... Continue Reading →

Apple issue warning over iPhone 12 and pacemakers

With Apple’s latest iPhone 12 handsets came new technology and accessories. You can fit your iPhone out with Magsafe accessories which as the name suggests include the use of magnets. As such Apple has recently updated a support document which warns against keeping the iPhone itself and any Magsafe accessories away from pacemakers, defibrillators and other implants. Pacemakers and other implants can be affected by magnets and radios but, Apple wants to make it explicitly clear that the iPhone ... Continue Reading →