Tesco working on Android smartphone and Hudl successor

Last year we saw the UK grocery superstore make their mark in the Android world of tablets in the form of the Hudl. The Hudl is a budget Android tablet and has been received well in the market. Released in September 2013, Tesco have already sold half a million devices.

With the success of the Hudl, Tesco are now looking to make their way into the smartphone arena with their very own Android powered smartphone. While the Hudl is a low end tablet, Tesco’s smartphone will compete with handsets at the higher end of the market but, priced competitively, so we’d quite possibly be looking at something like the Nexus range of handsets but, Tesco’s own.


As well as working on an Android smartphone, Tesco will release a refreshed Hudl come September in the form of the Hudl 2. Where in the market the Hudl 2 will fall is currently unknown but, it’s likely that the company will target the budget Android tablet range again. As before, the Tesco smartphone and Hudl 2 will come pre-installed with Tesco apps.

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