Twitter app updated, brings slight changes

Twitter have updated the official social networking Twitter app for use on Android powered smartphones and tablets. At first glance, the newly updated version of the Twitter Android app looks similar to the previous version of the Twitter app. However, there are two notable changes included in this latest update.

First change of note with the new version of the app is that the “My Profile” page now includes background images within the user interface. Photos to create these background images can be uploaded from an Android smartphone or tablet and once set, the background image will be shown whether users choose to access their Twitter profile page on a mobile phone, computer or tablet and will be seen as a header photo on the Twitter profile page.

The second new notable feature in the latest version of the Twitter Android app is “Photo Stream”. With Photo Stream it displays your followers shared photos and can be swiped left or right to view the thumbnails of other images that people have uploaded. Tapping on an image will bring it up in full screen and if you own an Android device with multi touch, which includes all recently released Android phones and most older Android powered smartphones, pinch to zoom will work to enable users to view the image in close up.

Other than those two additions to the application, there isn’t a lot else to report about new features on this particular version of Twitter for Android but, those two new features certainly seem to make the app feel nicer to use and the photo stream feature is certainly a welcome addition to the app.

The update is available to download now.

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