UK iPad pre-orderers receiving delay emails, while US iPads begin shipping

The new iPad hasn’t got off to a good start in the UK. First the UK Apple store came back online several hours after Apple announced the new iPad, with the first pre-orders being placed shortly before midnight as the store came online shortly after 11:30pm. Buyers who managed to place an order during the night appear to have had their orders fully processed, however those who placed orders after 8am Thursday morning are starting to receive emails from Apple saying that there will be a delay in receiving their shiny new iPad. Some users who placed orders after 8am are still on track for a March 16th delivery but, others are reporting a March 21st delivery date. Unfortunately we at Gizmodot have also been hit with one of these delay emails. The time users pre-ordered and who’s being delayed seems hit and miss though. There are some users who ordered after 8am, Thursday afternoon in fact who’s shipment still looks to be on time, where there are a couple of folks who did manage to order before 8am who have had their orders delayed. The majority of delay emails are affecting those in Scotland and Northern Ireland, while folks in London and the South haven’t been affected as much.

For those who haven’t managed to pre-order yet, the Apple UK website is now indicating a two to three week shipment date but, this is always subject to change as we’re already seeing from the guys who pre-ordered with a March 16th delay stated. For those in the US however, many are reporting to now be receiving emails to say their orders have been shipped for a March 16th delivery. Have you received a delay email, or is your pre-order still set to arrive on time? Let us know in the comments.

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