Version 2.0 eBay app released then pulled for Android

There have been a few recent updates to a few ‘major player’ Android apps of late and the eBay app has also become one of them. The eBay app has been available on the Android platform for a little while now and since its initial release the app has gone on to be available to download by users in countries other than the US. Now eBay have released version 2.0 of their popular app, albeit only briefly.

There are no major changes in the 2.0 update but, the user interface has been redesigned and looks slightly funkier and more polished than the older versions of the app did. Prior to version 2.0 the user interface on the eBay app consisted of various blue shades but, now has carbon colorings and matches more with the Android 4.0 Holo theme. What was added to the update however, was the ability to buy vehicles directly from the eBay Android app. Whether it’s cars, motorcycles or trucks you could buy them from within the app. As long as you’re in the US that is but, eBay have said they are also planning to enable this feature in other countries soon. A couple of other new country specific features include Malaysia and Singapore getting payment support, while over in Spain and Italy, eBay users are will be able to list items with the eBay Android app.

Unfortunately though, for unknown reasons eBay have pulled version 2.0 from the Google Play Store and promise a new update for version 2.0 will be available soon. In the meantime, eBay have rolled out version of the app. Hopefully version 2.0 will be available again soon and fully working as the latest non 2.0 version appears to be causing problems for Android smartphone users.

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