Vodafone UK temporarily slash price of HTC One M8

It’s not unusual for companies to discount the price of some of their products over holiday periods and Halloween is no different. Vodafone have reduced the cost of several of their Pay As You Go phones. Of their up to 40% off Halloween offer, the most shocking offer comes in the form of the HTC One M8 handset.


The Vodafone Halloween offer sees the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini reduced from £100 to £79 and the Nokia Lumia 530 reduced down to £49 from £70. The HTC One M8 however is reduced by a staggering £196, which is slightly more than the advertised 40% off. For this weekend only, the handset will only cost customers £289 instead of £485. This has been the best price we’ve ever seen for HTC’s 2014 flagship handset. There is of course an obligatory £10 top up, making the total price fo the One M8 £299 but, this is by far the best price we’re likely to see for a while, even for a network locked handset. Vodafone do however unlock handsets for £20 and even with that cost considered for non Vodafone customers, it’s still a steal at £319. Will you be picking one up this weekend?

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