Xiaomi shows off quad waterfall display concept phone

We’ve previously seen double waterfall displays on phones like the Samsung Galaxy handsets where the screen curves slightly at both sides, similar to the Edge handset the company released several years ago. Now that flexible displays are becoming more common and is used to create foldable displays, Xiaomi has gone one step further and shown off a concept handset with a quad waterfall display.

Sourcing a screen that could do what they wanted was pretty simple but the company notes that the real challenge was in bonding the 88° quad-curved glass panel to the underlying display. Part of the process included 800-degree heat and thousands of attempts. With a quad curved display, Xiaomi abandoned ports and buttons. Instead, Xiaomi has used pressure-sensitive touch sensors instead of buttons, as well as using “industry-first flexible film display acoustic technology” instead of a regular speaker. Without a charging port, the handset will charge via Wireless charging.

With the concept handset out it is proof that a true unibody phone could be in the works and released in the future. Xiaomi aren’t the only ones thinking of buttonless phones either. Rumours suggest that Apple would also like to remove ports on their handsets. We’ve already seen the 3.5mm headphone jack removed.


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