Xiaomi takes second place for world’s largest wearable company

Xiaomi has impressed a lot of people over the past few months, they have released a few smartphones and are making gains in the amount of sales and are catching up with smartphone world giants Apple and Samsung. This is seen as a great feat considering the majority of Xiaomi’s releases are only available in Asia, versus globally like Samsung and Apple.


Xiaomi have faired pretty well in the smart tech wearable category as well. Despite the company offering their wearable tech for a very low and competitive price, sub £20 – the device is actually highly rated by tech enthusiasts around the world. In a report released by IDC, statistics put Xioami second on the market with a market share of 24.6%. Only beaten by Fitbit who lead with a market share of 34.2%. Xiaomi’s market share is likely to increase as more and more people recommend their Mi band over others on the market as it performs extremely well for only a fraction of the cost of the company’s competitor’s devices.

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