Zombie Flick review

While browsing for a new game to play recently I came across a Full Fat game which had flown under the radar. I love Full Fat games, Flick Golf, Flick Golf Extreme, Flick soccer etc, I have them. When I stumbled across Zombie Flick, Full Fat immediately came to mind and I checked the developer. Sure enough, Zombie Flick is made by the same guys who brought us Flick Golf which I couldn’t put down.

Normally I don’t go in for Zombie games but, as it’s made by Full Fat I thought I’d give it a go. The description also says if you love Zombies download it and if you love games download it. Well I definitely love games. Like previous games by the company the main control of the game focuses on a flick movement of your finger. Zombie Flick also follows the pricing of previous games by the company and is available for $0.99/£0.69 on Android where it’s recently launched and on iOS for the same price, where it’s been out considerably longer.

The graphics aren’t superb, they definitely won’t blow you away but, they’re not terrible either. They suit the type of game and don’t need to be over the top. The graphical effects that have been put into the game, for example when you hit/kill the zombies are rather impressive though. Again, not over the top but, definitely not terrible and while there is a blood splatter here and there, it isn’t too gruesome but, lets you know that you’ve hit the zombie targets.

There isn’t any background music to the game a bizarre factory like buzzing noise. The sound effects however are really quite good. I don’t normally play with the sound on when I play games but, I gave it a go after my first play through and the sound effects really enhance the game. Like the blood splatter graphics, the sound effects let you know when you’ve hit a zombie and gives the game extra depth. There’s also a voice over that tells you what sort of kill streak you’re on which is displayed on screen. Without the sound on I’d seen some of the kill streak mentions on screen but, with the sound on it seems there’s quite a few different kill streaks I’d missed, such as a monster streak.

As the name suggests, you flick zombies with your finger, there are no shooter buttons or a joy-pad to let you advance, or retreat from the zombies. A simple flick of the finger flings an item from a brick to a Frisbee at the on coming zombies. You can also curve the item with a swipe of your finger across the zombies in target. Depending on the item though that’s “in your hand” the accuracy of this can differ. For example with a Frisbee or baseball, you’re likely to hit 3-4 or even a whole row depending on your skill level, while a brick doesn’t curve as much and so far, I’ve only managed to knock two zombies down at a time with the brick.

There is one other control element to the game and that is a tap at either side of the screen, or the bottom of the display. You start off in Zone 1 but, a tap on the right side of the screen takes you to Zone 2, then Zone 3 and finally 4. Effectively you’re in the middle of a box and you can move between Zones, while tapping at the bottom of the screen turns you around to the zone that was behind you. Once a round of Zombie thrashing has been completed, you can repair the police barriers which again requires only tapping the screen and moving between zones.

I might not like Zombies but, I do like this game. Like the previous games by Full Fat, I can’t put it down and want to perfect my skills. In this case, killing more than 2 zombies at a time with a brick and knocking the whole row down with a Frisbee.

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